Playing with assembly programming for gameboy
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; File generated by rgblink
00:0200 textwriter_map
00:12D7 ClearWindow
00:132E DrawActiveText.afterLoading
00:1348 DrawActiveText.checkPausing
00:1344 DrawActiveText.closingAll
00:136E DrawActiveText.checkDelay
00:135E DrawActiveText.continuingNextLine
00:137D DrawActiveText.delayFinished
00:139C DrawActiveText.drawletter
00:13AE DrawActiveText.checkContinuing
00:13D8 DrawActiveText.continue
00:13BA DrawActiveText.checkNewline
00:13CE DrawActiveText.checkRepeatOnce
00:12EA StartText
00:1313 DrawActiveText
00:1280 InitWindow
00:0029 UpdateController.onenibble
00:0009 UpdateController
00:0000 InitController
00:0182 GameLoop.mainloop
00:017C GameLoop
00:00AB FirstCutScene
00:0165 Memfill
00:016F WaitVBlank
00:0172 dma_routine_start
00:017C dma_routine_end
00:015C Memcpy
00:0165 Memfill.repeatFill
00:016A Memfill16.repeatFill
00:0178 dma_routine_start.loop
00:014F InitTools
00:0061 Start
00:0280 Page1
00:1280 Page1End
00:C0A3 textwriter_posx
00:C0A4 textwriter_posy
00:C0A8 textwriter_ending
00:C0A9 textwriter_pausing
00:C0A6 textwriter_active
00:C0A5 textwriter_curdelay
00:C0A7 textwriter_starting
00:C0A1 textwriter_curtext
00:C0AB controller_newkeys
00:C0AA controller_curkeys
00:C0A0 shadow_oam_inuse
00:C000 shadow_oam
00:FF80 RunDMA