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Jonatan Nilsson 1014cdec86 Finished completely rewriting both library and unit tests 2 years ago
Jonatan Nilsson c8a8d29d63 Add package-lock to ignore 3 years ago
Matt Hamann d582066743
Upgraded encryption using CipherIV (#322) 4 years ago
Matt Hamann ca10d0eaf8 Add basic linting rules 6 years ago
AdrieanKhisbe c8dbede0ca [test] setup istanbul coverage 8 years ago
indexzero 2030144d88 [test dist] Add `test/fixtures/secure.json`. 8 years ago
midknight41 24f77a0edd included bom test fixtures 10 years ago
Russell Frank 94bdb7dbd8 Added `complete-test.js` & fixture. 11 years ago
indexzero 76db254740 [fix test] Update nconf.stores.File to respond with an error when loading malformed JSON async 12 years ago
indexzero a4f00be991 [dist] Update package.json and .gitignore 12 years ago
indexzero 9da37dff2a [dist api test] Refactor pluggable nconf-level logic into nconf.Provider. Update .gitignore for npm 1.0. Update pathing in source and tests to be more `require.paths` future-proof 12 years ago
indexzero 067d58a99d [minor test] Add tests for File store `save()`. Improve default file format to pretty print the JSON output 12 years ago
indexzero 0fd847cc33 [doc] Updates to README.md 12 years ago